ban appeal

  1. メリオダス

    Denied Ban appeal

    Steam username: メリオダス Length of ban: 2 weeks 5 days Banned by: Ziziio Ban reason: Ear rape Why I should be unbanned: First of all it was only 20 second video that was not even that loud. Second in the theater there was only me and two of my friends who are fine with it. And I promise it...
  2. Carolus Magnus Iᵉʳ le Grand

    Accepted Carolus Magnus Iᵉʳ le Grand Ban appeal

    Steam Username Erwin Rommel 7e Panzerdivision STEAM_0:1:95084732 Length of Ban Permanent Staff Member that Banned You Half(STEAM_0:1:38325118) Ban Reason Skip Raid, Gore, Civil Unrest, Real Life Death, Permanent, Log IDs: 1698948, 1710120, 1710121 Why You Should Be Unbanned I was ban 12/02/16...
  3. Krown

    Accepted Krown's Second Ban Appeal

    Here I am... one year later :) Steam Username: Krown Length of Ban: Permanant Staff Member that Banned You: WinterPheonix96 Ban Reason: Crashed the server after saying 'GOODBYE WEEBS'. Why You Should Be Unbanned: This happened about over a year ago. I was being stupid and immature by using...
  4. Sp00der |Ag

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Steam Username Sp00der |Ag Length of Ban 1 Weeks Staff Member that Banned You Unknown Ban Reason Clicked an Compilation video that did not warn me about ear rape. Then I got banned. Why You Should Be Unbanned I recently got unbanned because of an false complaint. I didn't know there...
  5. Sp00der |Ag

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Steam Username Sp00der |Ag Length of Ban 3 Weeks Staff Member that Banned You PRO15699 Ban Reason I was watching an H3H3Productions video and PRO told me it was a tease and I got banned. It didn't have any explicit material and therefore I don't know why I got banned. Why You Should...
  6. Narqueefi

    Denied Narqueefi ban Appeal

    Please use the following Template for posting a New Ban Appeal. Steam Username Narqueefi Length of Ban 1 week 3 days Staff Member that Banned You Half Ban Reason (Discrimination, Ecchi, Adult Humor, Tease, Disgusting, 10 Days, Loop,) Why You Should Be Unbanned (I apologize for previously...
  7. Aldimar

    Denied Ban appeal

    Steam Username Aldimar Length of Ban 8 weeks Staff Member that Banned You I am not 100%on who banned me patanima maybe Ban Reason "disturbing" i had put on a video in exclusive theater with me and a few of my buddys. Why You Should Be Unbanned At the time i didn't know that the video would...
  8. Broseph Stalin

    Reduced Broseph Stalin's Ban Appeal

    Steam Username Broseph Stalin Length of Ban 4 weeks Staff Member that Banned You ReconZer0 Ban Reason Animal Slaughter, Nudity, Mic Spam Why You Should Be Unbanned The video with animal slaughter in it was one second of a 14 minute compilation video, which I have played around 8 times...
  9. BroJack The Horsedude

    Expired/Recalled Brojack The Horsedude Ban Appeal

    Im honestly sorry for Minging on the server, Id love to Come back, And Play again. I Have learned my lesson, Plus the factor i miss being around the server, So please. Reconsider me, Ill even talk with anyone, And will Obey and read out the rules,
  10. NeoShadowX4

    Reduced UnBan NeoShadowX4

    Steam Username: NeoShadowX4 Admin: Kuro Usagi Length: 10 Days I have recently been banned for many things I have not done such as Ear Rape, Gore, etc. Even though I have been warned about these in the past, I was the new guy that didn't know what I was doing. I selected random videos...