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Steam Username: NeoShadowX4

Admin: Kuro Usagi

Length: 10 Days

I have recently been banned for many things I have not done such as Ear Rape, Gore, etc. Even though I have been warned about these in the past, I was the new guy that didn't know what I was doing. I selected random videos, and didn't think about seeing if it contains nudity/gore/ear rape. I have been warned, but not banned, for the videos I put up. However, recently I have been banned. And I know why: I spammed in chat. This is not the case though because I did not spam in chat when they banned me. They warned me, but they didnt ban me until later, which was odd. Also, I was spamming since I was having problems with this guy named Woo. I needed to complete an achievement. It took me 3 hours. I was spamming so I could get his attention, but at the time I didn't knew about personal messaging until they told me. Woo didnt "hear" me tho, so I spammed in chat since !p name message was too much to put, and the [global] sign pops out more. So i spammed, but the admins warned me. After some time, they banned me without warning. And about the Woo problem(not allowing me to get into theater, I know it was exclusive, but I wasted three hours trying to get achievement.), THE ADMINS DID NOT HELP ME. Do they not know sympathy? Is this server not friendly? I learned from my mistakes, and I know it is my choice to enter this UNFRIENDLY server once more, and I do because this server is very good, except for the staff. So to reiterate, please unban/reduce ban because I have been banned for things I have been warned about and have stopped doing, Woo was a guy who didnt allow me in, admins didnt help me with problem, and I was an inexperienced player at some points. Thanks for your time. Hope you can AT LEAST reduce my ban, and hopefully unban me.
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Hello Neo!
Hopefully we can sort out why you were banned so you can understand it better.
Your official ban reason is:
Ear Rape, Loop, Chat Spam, Gore, Trolling, Harassment, 10 Days, Log IDs: 1221756, 1221761, 1221993, 1222274, 1222275, 1223018
Here are links to what you played that broke the rules and you received warnings for:
Ear Rape:,

As for the last offences, Chat Spam, Trolling, and Harassment, you were told to stop spamming and flooding global chat multiple times today before you were banned and still did not improve. I have seen you saying trollish things in global and spamming when you know better than to do so, it's not good to push the limits of the rules. Finally for harassment, you said it yourself, you were asking Woo (a player) to get into his theater, you spammed global begging to get in, and messaged him numerous times, players have no obligation to let you in just because you "need to do an achievement", they paid for the room and they can adjust the player filter to their liking. Woo asked you to stop and you didn't and that's why harassment is listed.

I will say 5 of the 6 videos were not played, and instead were removed from the queue by moderators. I'll take off 2 days from your ban length because they didn't play, but if it happens again the future we'll know you know better. Remember you're responsible for what you queue on the server, even if you just select a video to play at random you'll still be held accountable if it beaks the rules.

Your ban will be lifted 01/29/16 at 8:59:39 PM.

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