yuki theater

  1. Dasemu

    Adding animeflv.net

    Hello! I have been using YukyTheater for a month and i've enjoyed it too much. Im spanish and an anime viewer so i think it would be nice to add animeflv as is the most known anime hub in spanish. it also use the JWPlayer as animekisa.tv so i guess it will not difficult to implement it. I think...
  2. NeoShadowX4

    Reduced UnBan NeoShadowX4

    Steam Username: NeoShadowX4 Admin: Kuro Usagi Length: 10 Days I have recently been banned for many things I have not done such as Ear Rape, Gore, etc. Even though I have been warned about these in the past, I was the new guy that didn't know what I was doing. I selected random videos...