Reduced Broseph Stalin's Ban Appeal

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Broseph Stalin

New Member
Steam Username
Broseph Stalin

Length of Ban
4 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Animal Slaughter, Nudity, Mic Spam

Why You Should Be Unbanned

The video with animal slaughter in it was one second of a 14 minute compilation video, which I have played around 8 times before. Since I played so often, and no one warned me prior to patanima's blacklisting, I thought it was okay to play. When patanima blacklisted the video I promptly gave him an apology for what I've done and told him i'd never do that again. I have not intended to maliciously show animal slaughter. What I do not understand at all is why I was banned for Nudity. I have not requested anything with nudity in it at all whatsoever, not even in a private theater where ecchi is allowed. If I were banned per say another reason regarding nudity, I would politely request a mod to elaborate such reason with me. I can truly attest that I have not used any software to maliciously micspam. However, I have used my phone to play songs at karaoke, where such behavior is allowed. I did not know the server's policy regarding micspam prior to today. As a result, I thought it was okay in general to play songs anywhere on the server, which lead me to play a song in the greeting area. and so, I was escorted to the staff lounge via Zerac who informed me that micspam is not allowed. Which lead me to believe that micspam was not allowed in general, since nothing is noted about it in /rules. Moreover I do believe that being banned was more of a result of today's actions regarding micspaming. Once again I was not using any software for malicious reasons. I can and will, however, attest to my volume and obnoxiousness today while using my mic. I attribute my rude actions to the exhilaration felt on a nice Friday evening. I do sincerely apologize for my behavior today, and request to not receive such a severe punishment as 4 weeks.

With warm regards,
~Broseph Stalin
Hello Broseph i am the mod who banned you as you know already so i will be handling your appeal.
First let me get the videos and reasons you were banned for:
Animal Slaughter -
Nudity -
Mic Spam
Okay so first off even if you have never gotten warned before for the animal slaughter video its probably not a good i idea to keep playing it. You should of asked mods if its okay to play since it had animal slaughter, also as a little tip you should try to preview your videos before queuing them to check for bad content. Also for the nudity as you said its self explanatory don't play nudity in private theaters its not allowed on the server there is a few exceptions but most are not allowed mostly the ones that show true nudity such as genitals and such. For the Mic Spam that you were warned by Zerac for like you said its not okay to play music anywhere outside of karaoke that's why we have it so from now on please stay inside that room if you feel like playing music. As for my ban i gave you for mic spamming its because i told you to stop mic spamming several times but you would keep trying to do it after i told you to stop then i caught you doing it again which is why you were gagged and banned.
Now after thinking about this i decided to reduce your ban by 1 week due to as you said your mic being poor quality however i would suggest maybe investing into a new one to prevent easily mic spamming by accident.

so your unban date is now 06/24/16 see you then
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