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Sp00der |Ag

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Steam Username
Sp00der |Ag

Length of Ban
1 Weeks

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Clicked an Compilation video that did not warn me about ear rape. Then I got banned.

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I recently got unbanned because of an false complaint. I didn't know there was ear rape in the video it did not warn me in title. The Yuki moderators also target me more when it comes to warnings and jails if I do 1 thing wrong I'll get banned and can't even stop the video. Yuki moderators also told me I should watch the video before I request but I don't see the point in that because then why would I watch it at Yuki if I should anyway watch the thing in my browser. I also keep seeing more sexual content on Yuki than I've ever watched on Yuki yet they ban me and not the people that watch explicit content. Yuki Moderators are also sensitive about anything. I watched an Compilation and I got jailed because of a 3 second part that included a women twerking. I really wish to just enjoy Yuki again but I can't enjoy it if I get jailed or banned for watching something with Mild Sexual Content like a girl twerking. I don't know why I get jailed for 3 seconds of twerking and other people can watch Nudity. Some of the YukiTheater Achievements are more explicit then any video I've watched on YukiTheater. Please I just want to enjoy watching Anime with my friends.
Hello I am the Moderator that banned you so I will be responding to this appeal. First let me get your videos you were banned for:

Tease, Ear Rape, 1 Week, Log IDs: 1704450, 1704471, 1711584, 1711757




Ear Rape:

Alright lets start with your first two warnings you received you were warned by the Moderator PRO15699. They were for very sexual moaning sounds in the videos which was the whole purpose of those videos. Since our rules state that we do not allow sexual content that is for sexual content which includes videos solely about moaning/orgasm sounds it's not allowed which Pro talked to you about. The tease I warned you for was blacklisted and removed because it was a vine comp that contains a lady twerking on a kid. This is also another form of sexual tease regardless of the fact it was short so it was removed and you were warned. Finally you were banned due to the last video you queued which was a Dank Meme Comp. It contained Ear Rape which is also banned from the server. Since you accumulated several warnings you were banned for a week by me. As for you your Appeal here I am sorry but you appeal will be denied due to you continuing to break /rules when you returned to the server. Yes I do know you were banned accidentally the other day and you were unbanned, but you were told in your ban appeal to please read /rules and follow the rules of the server. Today you proved that you did not want to follow them by playing what you did. As such this appeal will not be appealed but instead stay what it is.

Your unban date is 12/10/16


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