Denied Ban appeal

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New Member
Steam Username

Length of Ban
8 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You
I am not 100%on who banned me patanima maybe
Ban Reason
"disturbing" i had put on a video in exclusive theater with me and a few of my buddys.

Why You Should Be Unbanned

At the time i didn't know that the video would not be allowed. I had no warning and then banned for 8 weeks.
i'm very sorry I i now know the rules of the server and promise to never break another.
Hello Aldimar, I am the Moderator that gave you the ban so I will be handling your case and would like to say thank you for taking the time to make an appeal.

I want to start by saying I banned you for a video displaying disturbing images of a man bleeding out from being shot. The title itself "VIDEO - Black Man Shot & Killed by Minnesota Cop at Traffic Stop - Philando Castile Lavish Reynolds" was enough to know that it shouldn't have been played in the theaters, thus initiating your 8 week ban. I do understand mistakes can happen but I know that you have been here long enough to know what can and cant be played in the theaters. The other offenses that you had were Spoilers, meaning that you gave a way a secret in the theater, and Discrimination which is self explanatory. I took into consideration your other bans as well in this decision: 03/06/16 for Tease, Ear Rape, and Disgusting tagged videos (4 in total) for 1 week and for 6 videos that fell under tease back on 11/29/15. From the amount of time that you have been on the server, multiple bans and kicks that you have undoubtedly seen for inappropriate content/behavior on the server, and from your past bans yourself I see no reason why you wouldn't have known the video you played was against the rules. I am sorry that I cannot appeal your ban based on the the facts.

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