Denied Narqueefi ban Appeal

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Please use the following Template for posting a New Ban Appeal.

Steam Username

Length of Ban
1 week 3 days

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
(Discrimination, Ecchi, Adult Humor, Tease, Disgusting, 10 Days, Loop,)

Why You Should Be Unbanned

(I apologize for previously doing the ban appeal wrong) I was banned from the server while playing a 5 minute loop video in an empty theater. I understand I should've read the rules, but I feel that it was very harsh to ban me since I had donated the other day. I had just joined the server with my friends (S P O O K Y MeowKat and George Horrorson) to have a good time and watch some videos. The theater I played the video in was empty so I find it harsh that I was banned for something that likely only me and a mod saw. I would like to come back to the server sooner than later if possible and I hope you can accept my appeal.

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Hello Narqueefi, I was the one who banned you so I will be responding to your appeal.

I want to start off by saying you were not banned for just playing a loop video.
I'm going to explain your ban reason so you understand the next time you join us on server.

[Adult Humor]

These links are the rule breaking videos that you have played on server, you can see it shows your name and steam ID.
You have been warned 3 times in the past 2 days, each time the moderator warning you has told you to read the rules.
I see you recently donated but please understand that does not grant you immunity.
Unfortunately you attempted to bypass the ban by using an Alt account, so i cant reduce your ban. (

Your unban date is 11/02/16 06:50 PM EST. I hope you come back to the server, and please remember you can always ask an admin if you are unsure about a video.

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