Changes to the AFK timer + Credits system Suggestion


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Right. So I legit made a naccount on the forums to suggest this one thing for a very specific reason.

I have just finished watching 5 episodes of an anime that has been released this season.

(The anime is called - Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. Its really good so far, and I really recommend you guys watch it. Its not the really "Guns blazing, vampire crazy stuff like Hellsing for example, or Crazy online game fantasy like Sword art online or Link Horizon. Its actually quite a more laidback kind of anime in a sense. Really good if you want to relax with something.)

Anyways, let's get right into the suggestion I have here. So as most players would currently know. The AFK timer whilst ingame, without alt+Tabbing is 10 minutes long.

I can understand that this is in place to stop people inactively farming credits to use on the server. But I personally reckon it'd be a good idea to implement code (and as I'm not a lua coder, I can't say if this is possible or not. Just putting my hopes in the lua-sensei's of Yuki) into the server, which reflects off the cinema addon, or even making use of video links like "" or "" and adding custom AFK timers.

With the current coding I've seen put on the server for afk timers. I believe it would be very muich possible to setup x, y axis' for each theatre, even adding a z axis for 3d implementation.

So as a little basic overhaul of what could be done in order for plays who are watching an episode of an anime series for example, to actually get their credits without having to get up and missing what could be a very pivotal part of the episode, a custom code can be added that takes place WHILST in a theater room, which then could revert back to the original 10 minute timer.

So, say that I'm on kissanime and I'm watching episode 12 of Guilty Crown (great episode in my books.) I'm 10 minutes in the episode and some real crazy stuff happens (Not going to go into details for spoiler reasons) which I'd end up missing completely due to having to 1. STAND UP (if I'm sitting in a chair) move around a little bit, then TURN AROUNd and sit back down. That's on average 3-4 seconds that I've missed. I mean, yeah it doesnt look like much or sound like it. But for an otaku like myself (and im sure many people would agree) it would definitely stack up to vbery large amounts of important parts which are missed due to this.

So in order to stop that from happening. It would, in my eyes become very fair to instead increase the timer for the anime websites for 20-30 minutes. Due to the fact that most episodes of an anime last for atleast 20-30 minutes. It would satisfy a lot of people, and still give them the credits that they want without having the hassle of getting up in the middle of an episode.

Then for something like Youtube & twitch, then the 10 minute timer can still remain in place, for most youtube videos don't go over 10 minutes, depending on what you're watching.

Thank's a lot for taking a look at my suggestion to the server, and I'm looking forward to getting some replies about my idea!

Edit: Oh and I forgot to themtnion the credits idea. CHANGE IT TO TICKETS FOR CHRIST SAKE, WE'RE AT A CINEMA. NOT A GAMES ARCADE OR A BANK!!

P.S. I love you, Moofin ♥ :p
Or just type a letter into chat and hit enter.

Changing how the AFK System works when the player is watching a video from an Anime Video Service doesn't help anything as far as inactive credit farming; in fact it would make it easier.
Edit: Oh and I forgot to themtnion the credits idea. CHANGE IT TO TICKETS FOR CHRIST SAKE, WE'RE AT A CINEMA. NOT A GAMES ARCADE OR ...

I don't like the idea. You're supposed to use tickets or buy tickets at a theater, not earn them. If the credits name were to be changed, it should be something better than that.