1. yoel44

    yoel44's credit system redesign's suggestion

    HELLO EVERYONE!! so, in this post i will suggest a "probably fair" credit system by just playing in this server a nice update from the credits system is getting credits per video minute also a problem... there are no credit whore so... no credit farm unless you are on a private theater and...
  2. Retrospect

    Count to 200 (picture edition)

    The rules are simple: 1. Can only post twice a day. 2. You have to post a picture representing the number you can currently post. (ex. someone posted a picture with a 4, so now you can post one with a number 5 in it.) 3. You don't have to wait for another person to post before you do. You can...
  3. Haru

    Changes to the AFK timer + Credits system Suggestion

    Right. So I legit made a naccount on the forums to suggest this one thing for a very specific reason. I have just finished watching 5 episodes of an anime that has been released this season. (The anime is called - Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. Its really good so far, and I really...