Count to 200 (picture edition)


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The rules are simple:
1. Can only post twice a day.
2. You have to post a picture representing the number you can currently post.
(ex. someone posted a picture with a 4, so now you can post one with a number 5 in it.)
3. You don't have to wait for another person to post before you do. You can keep counting until you reach the 2 per day cap. (ex. You, Me, You You, Me, Me, You, You, You)
4. The game resets if someone posts the wrong number more than 3 times or if 2 moderators post in the thread within the day.
(Mods have no effect on resetting the game unless it's the two within the day)

The first who counts to 200 gets my credits I have in Yuki at the time (Note: You can only transfer 10k per day, so If you won more than that you have to wait till the next day to receive more). So you can stall in order for me to save up or try to finish it quickly and get what I have now. You can always message me to ask how much I have currently.(I will not spend any credits until this game is over, Good Luck!)

Current Pot: 127,470 Credits
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Just a reminder, you don't have to wait for another person to post in order for you to post.
You can only just post twice a day. (Update: 21,561 Credits are in the pot when I post this)
Since the it seems the forums is not active as it was. I'm going to close this game, no one really posts here and by the time It ends or resets I may not be here entirely. That being said, I'm not going to blue ball you guys who actually took time and posted. I'm going to give whoever posted credits each depending how active they were in here (2k=1 post).
Nezuml: 6k
Kawaii Believe It: 2k
covenantslayer1: 2k
patanima: 2k
TouhouPlz: 6k
You guys have until next Tuesday to receive your credits from me.
Respond to this post to claim them, Thanks for playing!