1. Zep

    Sticky Movies Night played list

    Hello Everyone, This will be an actively updated list of movies stream on YukiTheater. Every month this will be updated. (Hopefully!) All event listed movies will be added bellow...
  2. Haru

    Changes to the AFK timer + Credits system Suggestion

    Right. So I legit made a naccount on the forums to suggest this one thing for a very specific reason. I have just finished watching 5 episodes of an anime that has been released this season. (The anime is called - Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. Its really good so far, and I really...
  3. Hei

    New Option: PrimeWire For Movies
  4. Hei

    New Option : Google Doc Links

    I have loads of movies from google docs recent ones, 2000-2016 1080p movies examples: (Batman vs Superman) (Warcraft Movie)