1. Dasemu


    Hello! I have been using YukyTheater for a month and i've enjoyed it too much. Im spanish and an anime viewer so i think it would be nice to add animeflv as is the most known anime hub in spanish. it also use the JWPlayer as so i guess it will not difficult to implement it. I think...
  2. Mayor Qwert

    Making the Exclusive Theater Free

    If this is in the wrong board, feel free to move this to the 'suggestions' board. Hey everyone. I just got into a discussion on the server about this so I wanted to make an open discussion on the subject. Being a 22 year old college student interested in anime, I personally enjoy a wide...
  3. Haru

    Changes to the AFK timer + Credits system Suggestion

    Right. So I legit made a naccount on the forums to suggest this one thing for a very specific reason. I have just finished watching 5 episodes of an anime that has been released this season. (The anime is called - Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. Its really good so far, and I really...
  4. Microtor

    (Suggestion) My Ragdoll to Player-Model Requests

    Seeing as how the old forum is already an outdated method for suggestions , im going to re-post my requests for Player Models --------------------------------------------------------- Makise Kurisu PM Repost LINK TO FILE: I just found a Makise...