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If this is in the wrong board, feel free to move this to the 'suggestions' board.

Hey everyone. I just got into a discussion on the server about this so I wanted to make an open discussion on the subject. Being a 22 year old college student interested in anime, I personally enjoy a wide range of show styles/genres ranging from relatively simplistic/mild comedies all the way up to complex, mind boggling gore fests. I personally enjoy Yukitheater because of the great community and general server design, as it is a nice place to both watch anime and just screw about in general. Today, an issue popped up when I played a show I liked, an old 90s cyberpunk called Genocyber, in a public theater. It has quite a bit of gore, so of course it ended up causing issues. The main problem here is that there's no free area for people to watch shows like this. I understand the need to keep this sort of content separate from the main theaters, as you don't want possible legal issues to ensue, hence the reason for the current private theater setup. However, the issue I see is that this current setup of renting theaters alienates those of us who enjoy more adult anime, since there's no free way to go about it without forking out credits.

My suggestion is to take the current exclusive theaters, located across from the main theater building, and change it to be free-of-charge, but with the same rules as currently apply. I feel this would be okay, as the current setup has a terms agreement you must agree to before passing which clearly states that there will be 18+ adult themes/gorey content in the theaters. This setup has been used exclusively on many websites without a paywall and should, coupled with the detached theater placement, help prevent people from just straying across it easily. If someone does, the terms agreement should be plenty of protection, as the worst thing that would be getting played would be ultra-gorey or slightly ecchi shows like Terra Formars / Highschool DxD, which people could easily find without any sort of 18+ warning if they really wanted to.
Sorry for the extremely wordy post, I'll put a tl;dr below to help.

I suggest making the Exclusive Theater across from the main theater building free to use, to allow older fans of Yukkitheater to enjoy their gorey/ecchi shows without an unfair paywall, keeping an area to sign in as a legal precaution.
You do realize that taking away that option to pay for an exclusive room takes the meaning out of it right? I mean, there could be another solution to it, maybe exclusive theaters could be unlocked for people at a certain level, or even certian playtime, rather. I'm against the idea of taking away being able to rent the Exclusive Theaters. They hold the same meaning as Private Theaters. Not too long ago, Exclusive Theaters were the only ones we could use personally for Ecchi and Gore, but Staff and Winter decided it would make more sense that more people could do the same thing in the Private Theaters as well, as long as people followed the rules and guidelines. So, exclusives need to hold their meaning. They're "exclusive" for a reason, after all. They just share a meaning now :)
@Mayor Qwert I can understand using creds for theaters can be quite annoying, especially if you're a frugal person like me, but sadly like the others have said there's a reason why they cost money.

However if it makes you feel any better, if you play even just a few weeks you'll have enough credits to not worry so much. I also suggest doing achievements, watching smaller 3-4min videos, and splitting the cost of theaters with the other ppl in the theater with you. Also consider playing lotto, you might lucky and win some decent creds.

Good thing is you can watch about 4 episodes before time runs out, just cut off ending credits to save time. Hope this helped!
Well, why is it not a possibility to only have a few free exclusive theaters, just have them operate the same as the main theaters but be much smaller and have a disclaimer before entering? I'm not saying make private theaters free, just saying have a public theater that can run content that would only be present in the private theaters.
@Mayor Qwert
  1. You're honestly the only one that I've notice bring this type of thing up before so it really hasn't been an issue
  2. Can you imagine the amount of people skip raiding and getting butt hurt when they don't get a turn?
  3. It's not difficult to get credits
"just saying have a public theater that can run content that would only be present in the private theaters" That defeats the purpose of having a PT/ET.

So my question to you is, What's stopping you from making credits like everyone else?
The internal reasons for the PT/ET system working the way it does is this:

1. Like others have said, it gives players a reason to play more and earn credits.
2. It is a bit of a safeguard against players attempting to abuse the system to troll moderators or other guests.
3. Because they all cost the same amount, their existence is reasonable. Allowing that content to be played for free somewhere completely undermines the existence of the the paid theaters and would lead to them being used less, and like @salty bird said above, that leads to trolls skip raiding and playing their own videos in that theater, ultimately defeating the purpose of making a free theater(s).

Essentially, it's the best idea to leave all of the private theaters paid, and leaving all of the theaters that those private/exclusive theater rules apply to paid. It makes moderation for our staff members easier and gives you a reason to actually spend credits.

My suggestion: Press f4 and look at achievements you have not yet earned. You can rack up around 10,000 credits and rent a Private Theater pretty much every day without running out of credits becoming a concern. I know because that's all the credits I have and I do pretty much the same thing.
From what I see, the private theaters give players a chance to have full control over a theater, so they don't have to worry about other players butting in and messing with their videos and just have control in general. I feel this aspect of private theaters wouldn't be tampered with and would mean that the current private theater setup would be intact, it'd just be a way for those who wish to view more violent material, shows such as Elfen Lied, ghost in the shell, and many more, that would normally be too gory for a normal theater without feeling pressured to fork out credits to do so.