1. Tommy LT

    Keep Players Who Just Walked Into a Theater From Skipping the Currently Playing Video

    A couple of times when I've played YukiTheater, the theater I am in is "overthrown". What I mean by this is when there are other public theaters that have no one in them, a group of (two or more) players come into the theater I'm in, voteskips whatever I'm watching, and then puts on their own...
  2. Mayor Qwert

    Making the Exclusive Theater Free

    If this is in the wrong board, feel free to move this to the 'suggestions' board. Hey everyone. I just got into a discussion on the server about this so I wanted to make an open discussion on the subject. Being a 22 year old college student interested in anime, I personally enjoy a wide...
  3. Haru

    Denied Yashiro/Haru/Multiple more name's Staff Application! > w<

    Steam Username: alreana Current Age: Well! Last time I checked I am 17 years of age upon this application's creation :D Timezone (Use this website if you don't know): My Time zone is UTC +10! Time Ranges Typically on the Server in a Day (Eastern Time): Sadly. The time that I can be on the...