Keep Players Who Just Walked Into a Theater From Skipping the Currently Playing Video

Tommy LT

New Member
A couple of times when I've played YukiTheater, the theater I am in is "overthrown". What I mean by this is when there are other public theaters that have no one in them, a group of (two or more) players come into the theater I'm in, voteskips whatever I'm watching, and then puts on their own content. While this isn't harmless, and I could just go to another theater, it does get annoying to have my video skipped immeadiately by someone who just walked in, especially since there is a 5 minute queue rule, meaning if I put on content in one theater, a group overthrows the theater, and I go to another, I still have to wait in order to watch (or finish watching) the video. Can you add a feature where players cannot just go around and voteskip the moment they walk into a theater? If not, can doing so be considered a trolling offense?
Skip-raiding, if that is indeed what was happening, is against our rules. While not expressly stated, we treat it as a form of trolling. If these players are targeting you and following you, skipping your content for no reason (example: If other public theaters are available and they come skip your videos for no reason), they should be reported to an online staff member or on the Forums in our Player Reports section.