1. Mayor Qwert

    Making the Exclusive Theater Free

    If this is in the wrong board, feel free to move this to the 'suggestions' board. Hey everyone. I just got into a discussion on the server about this so I wanted to make an open discussion on the subject. Being a 22 year old college student interested in anime, I personally enjoy a wide...
  2. Swaggy Daddy Kony @#$

    New theater

    Let me just lay it on all of you straight up, a disco room would be sorta the best thing ever as maybe like a secret theater or something by the karaoke room, I mean we already have the 80's afros and everything and dancing, so its only natural to get our boogie on you know what Im saying.
  3. KingTentacle [TLS]

    Add A horror private theater to the haunted section as a hidden room.

    We have a couple other themed theaters already, i was thinking a Horror themed private room in the haunted section would be awesome, and as a cool secret room. Making this also a private room would allow the viewing of more violent anime such as another and when they cry, without breaking the...
  4. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Unable to see exclusive theater information from inside theater

    Summary of Issue Encountered Can not see theater name, theater owner, video name, or time remaining while standing in theater door Expected Result Actual Result Steps to Reproduce Stand in doorway of an exclusive theater Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue No...
  5. Kuro Usagi

    Disabling water sounds in VIP Theater

    The waterfalls in the VIP Theater are nice but having to type stopsound whenever I want to watch something or listen to something in there is kind of tedious, could we just disable them altogether? Other water sounds are fine because they're not in theaters but it's just a bit odd and seems out...
  6. Kuro Usagi

    Soundcloud support for theaters

    It'd be nice to have the ability to queue music from soundcloud in theaters since some artists release songs on soundcloud that aren't on their youtube. I also saw this on the workshop:
  7. Kuro Usagi

    Checkers and Chess in Rentable Theaters

    If you're owner what if we had a little button or checkbox to just put a table and the chairs in our room? It stinks that the only theater we can play chess in is VIP. It could be nice having that availability in our private/exclusive theaters. Table setup could look like this: or maybe this...
  8. Kuro Usagi

    Rent Time Increased

    Since the maximum time for earning credits for a single video is 3 hours, could we change rentable theater maximum rent times to 3 hours?
  9. S

    Tokyo Time Square theater room

    There should be a hidden theater modeled after the famous Tokyo Time Square hidden behind one of the posters or as a taxi outside of the theater entryway! The movie screen could be on one of the billboards or in the window of a TV shop. Speaking of which... is it possible to have multiple movie...
  10. Ditzy

    Better Times for Movie Events

    On behalf of myself and other Brit regulars, I'm here to ask about changing around the times for movies. Often the movies are on quite early in the morning for us Brits - I'm talking about 1am to like, 4am. And that's just too damn late for us Brit normies. Some of us have to be up for school or...