1. Hellbleeder

    Private Theater AFK

    I often come to Yukitheater just to watch anime while I lay back on my bed and it kinda sucks having to get up every ten minutes to write something on the chat else I get big red flashing letters and miss out on points. Now I know the AFK measures are in place to prevent mining, but if it's...
  2. Haru

    Changes to the AFK timer + Credits system Suggestion

    Right. So I legit made a naccount on the forums to suggest this one thing for a very specific reason. I have just finished watching 5 episodes of an anime that has been released this season. (The anime is called - Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume. Its really good so far, and I really...
  3. redandblue3d

    Denied Ban appeal

    Packapunk 10800 min Agentzero? mic spam, loop, earrape I WAS AFK!!! i barely use my mic how would i ever be banned for mic spam! and the last video i requested was literally like 20 seconds long what the hell. i think there was some kind of mistake!!!