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mic spam, loop, earrape

I WAS AFK!!! i barely use my mic how would i ever be banned for mic spam! and the last video i requested was literally like 20 seconds long what the hell. i think there was some kind of mistake!!!
i was, however, warned a couple of days ago. about loop videos and earrape that is. i thought warnings didnt come along with bans though, do they?
Hello I am the moderator who banned you. You were banned for the following reasons: Loop, Ecchi, Tease, Mic Spam, Ear Rape.
* The Looped Video was a 1 Minute Loop and since we do not allow loops on our server you received a warning for it. -

*The Ecchi Video counted toward this ban because it was played in a public theater ecchi is only allowed in the exclusive theaters. -

* The Tease Video counted toward this ban due to the fact that we do not allow tease on our server and tease is counted as sexual content so this video with ear licking sounds and sucking sounds is counted as tease therefor it counted toward this ban. -

*The Ear Rape Video Counted toward your ban due to it having extremely loud audio and that is considered ear rape which we do not allow on the server. -

* The Mic Spam was due to you running around playing music outside of karaoke through your mic which is against the rules so it was included in your ban.

Your ban will stay the same and wont be reduced or removed. Since you were warned several times prior to the ban and you still violated the rules you will be unbanned on: 02/09/16

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