1. Crevic

    Reduced Crevic's ban appeal

    Steam Username: Length of Ban: Perma Staff Member that Banned You: I don't even remember since it was too long ago Ban Reason: Trolling, earrape Why You Should Be Unbanned: I was permabanned (can't even remember when that took place tho) because I...
  2. Kuro Usagi

    Accepted Kuro Usagi Ban Appeal

    Steam Username: Kuro Usagi Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45517988 Length of Ban: Permanent Staff Member that Banned You: WinterPhoenix96 Ban Reason: Inciting Drama, Trolling. Permanent. Why You Should Be Unbanned: It's been over a year and everything has quieted down including any...
  3. noot noot

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Steam Username noot noot Length of Ban 2 weeks Staff Member that Banned You Noire Ban Reason Hentai, Disgusting, Gore, Ear Rape, Harassment, Trolling Why You Should Be Unbanned I was on the server and most of the people were gathered around and trolling a bit and I joined in. So for that...
  4. redandblue3d

    Denied Ban appeal

    Packapunk 10800 min Agentzero? mic spam, loop, earrape I WAS AFK!!! i barely use my mic how would i ever be banned for mic spam! and the last video i requested was literally like 20 seconds long what the hell. i think there was some kind of mistake!!!
  5. Nighthawk

    Sticky Ban Appeal Format

    Please use the following Template for posting a New Ban Appeal. Steam Username Length of Ban Staff Member that Banned You Ban Reason Why You Should Be Unbanned If your Appeal is denied, you can try again in several weeks. If your ban is Permanent, please wait at least 3 Months before...