Reduced Crevic's ban appeal

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Steam Username:

Length of Ban: Perma

Staff Member that Banned You: I don't even remember since it was too long ago

Ban Reason: Trolling, earrape

Why You Should Be Unbanned: I was permabanned (can't even remember when that took place tho) because I had ''accumulated'' bans from one moderator that at that time would ban me for a 2seconds ''earrape'' video while I was by my own in a private theater. I didn't think permaban was even right at that moment because of that but oh well I didn't complain back then. However I won't ever think of putting any more earrape videos even if they are 0.5 seconds of length and, also, I won't start any kind of drama if I ever did (I can't remember)
Since the moderator who banned you isn't on the team, I will be taking care of this appeal.
Reasons for ban:
Removed from Youtube
Ear Rape
As well as you using racial slurs on the server.

The reason this ban was permanent was due to it being your third. Generally, the third ban a player receives is permanent. At that point it becomes clear that you are unwilling to follow the rules regardless of the number of warnings received. Also you complain about being punished for 2 seconds of ear rape, but that is exactly how it works. It doesn't matter how short the clip is that contains ear rape or if you are alone in the room. it's still blacklistable and punishable.

All that said, your actual offenses are on the more minor side so I will change the ban from permanent to 4 months, leaving 1 month left on your ban. However, if you should break rules again your permanent ban will be reinstated.

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