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noot noot

New Member
Steam Username
noot noot

Length of Ban
2 weeks

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Hentai, Disgusting, Gore, Ear Rape, Harassment, Trolling

Why You Should Be Unbanned

I was on the server and most of the people were gathered around and trolling a bit and I joined in. So for that matter I completely admit to the harassment and trolling as I was being an unnecessary pain but the other 4 reasons I feel are completely unfair considering I never did anything else wrong and especially never played or linked any of the other reasons I was banned for, nor was I spamming music or screaming I was just talking a lot and having a good time along with the other people who were doing the same thing.
I do apologize for being a bit immature and for taunting Noire quite a bit but do not believe that I should've been banned for 2 weeks.*Edit* I wanted to add that when I was banned I had already moved on from the troll party as I was in the Vip area with another player due to that fact that I had been warned a little while earlier.


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Hi there, seeing as I carried out your ban I'll take care of your appeal as well. First off you were banned for as you said trolling and harassment, but also:
and two instances of Ear Rape:,

Should you look into the video log links above I'd like to draw your attention to the 8th line where it states "Requestor" in which there is your name and Steam ID both of which match your ban data.

Let me start off by saying indeed there was a fair amount of trolling tonight, but there is always a line that must be crossed and a first to be banned. You crossed that line tonight, and did have a history of rule breaking as well. While staff was a bit hesitant to ban you as there was a lot of trolling going on, when you decided to chase around another player that was the point we decided this is deserved. I'd also like to take a moment to address the blatant lying in your appeal, first there is no spamming listed in the reasons for your ban. Secondly above are the links to the videos you played that broke our rules. I am unaware if you remember them or not, but it is listed, both the rules broke and log IDs of the videos that broke said rules.
As such I will be denying your appeal. You will be unbanned on 7/30/16.

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