1. Kuro Usagi

    Lottery Aliases

    Additional lottery aliases that might be nice to have: /raffle /lotto /ticket /buyticket
  2. Kuro Usagi

    Player Card Additions

    It would help a lot with the inconsistent media searching per player if they had their media log contained on their profile. Either just media they've requested, or also including media they watched. A "Time Spent in VR" statistic would be super nifty for identifying other vr users within the...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    Ambient HP Regen

    Simple suggestion: After an amount of time where a player hasn't taken damage, they go back to full hp. Prevents people randomly dying because they jumped somewhere and didn't realize they were still low health from goodness knows when, without them having to kill themselves and then go back...
  4. yoel44

    yoel44's credit system redesign's suggestion

    HELLO EVERYONE!! so, in this post i will suggest a "probably fair" credit system by just playing in this server a nice update from the credits system is getting credits per video minute also a problem... there are no credit whore so... no credit farm unless you are on a private theater and...
  5. Truth/False

    Airship Theme Theater

    I've had a love for airships of all kinds. And various airships have appeared in various anime and RPG's. So I've had this idea to request a cool little airship theater that is also a go-to way to get a bird's eye view of the city and YukiTheater. I also want to see what kind of airships others...
  6. Spooky Have

    [Suggestion] PAC 3 - Player Avatar Customizer

    This addon allows the creation and customization of playermodels through an editor, and with enough pratice can pump out some pretty legit stuff. The only downside to it is that it will destroy the credit system, and restrictions will have to be placed on certain aspects suchs as shake and...
  7. Kuro Usagi

    Soundcloud support for theaters

    It'd be nice to have the ability to queue music from soundcloud in theaters since some artists release songs on soundcloud that aren't on their youtube. I also saw this on the workshop:
  8. Kuro Usagi

    A playermodel that turns invisible when you wear a hat

    It'd be cool to have floating hats, but not cool to be completely invisible. So maybe if it's just if we're wearing a hat?
  9. Kuro Usagi

    Automatic r_cleardecals

    Just every hour or so, so it cleans the theater of all the snowballs. It would also help prevent this somewhat: (this wasn't me, a friend found it like this)
  10. Kuro Usagi

    Player Stat Additions

    Could we add to the Show Player Stats so that it has total earned credits in the last day and total spent credits in the last day? Just the same way it does the playtime for the day :D Might be cool to see how much we spend with miscellaneous gambling and renting theaters comparing to what we...
  11. Kuro Usagi

    Staff only SWEP || The Meme Gun

    A gun that forces a player to kazotsky dance and be gimped. (Has to be spawned in like the penetrator does maybe) Instead of kazotsky could do one of those things that Winter does like spinning around body parts and such.
  12. Kuro Usagi

    Checkers and Chess in Rentable Theaters

    If you're owner what if we had a little button or checkbox to just put a table and the chairs in our room? It stinks that the only theater we can play chess in is VIP. It could be nice having that availability in our private/exclusive theaters. Table setup could look like this: or maybe this...
  13. Kuro Usagi

    The best meme should make its way onto yuki

    We all love memes. Why not have this one on Yuki? /dab coming to a theater near you in summer 2016 (maybe) #YukiDabIsTheNewKazotsky? @ogniK @WinterPhoenix96
  14. Kuro Usagi

    Rent Time Increased

    Since the maximum time for earning credits for a single video is 3 hours, could we change rentable theater maximum rent times to 3 hours?
  15. Bahnhof Zoo

    Party lights/Rave ball

    It would be a huge improvement to parties (be it in the lobby or at the pool) a good set of lights that super admins could add to the map. Barrels are cool, but lights can turn things even better. The model that I'm linking here have some problems: >add dance do npcs >emits music I don't know...