Player Stat Additions

Kuro Usagi

Active Member
Could we add to the Show Player Stats so that it has total earned credits in the last day and total spent credits in the last day? Just the same way it does the playtime for the day :D

Might be cool to see how much we spend with miscellaneous gambling and renting theaters comparing to what we earn.
Kuro Usagi's Stats:
Credits: 116380
Title: Ziziio is so cute
Total Donated: 15
Achievements: 78
Videos Requested: 2212
Videos Watched: 8693
Zombies Killed: 1261
Playtime (HH:MM:SS): 2132:59:15
Playtime Today (Since 12AM Eastern, HH:MM:SS): 12:14:30
Playtime with Owner (HH:MM:SS): 414:47:37
Playtime with Admins (HH:MM:SS): 1968:55:16
Credits Earned Today (Since 12AM Eastern, HH:MM:SS): 2894
Credits Spent Today (Since 12AM Eastern, HH:MM:SS): 1780
Credit History would be much more difficult track with how our current system works, so it's unlikely that we'll ever add such a stat.