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  • It would help a lot with the inconsistent media searching per player if they had their media log contained on their profile. Either just media they've requested, or also including media they watched.

  • A "Time Spent in VR" statistic would be super nifty for identifying other vr users within the community and a fun addition between "watch time" and "afk time". Also opening the door to more achievement options related to the statistic

  • Revamp the Yuki ID system or the way searches handle searching for IDs(?)
    Some ID numbers are "common" and return videos relating to that number as opposed to returning just the user IDs request log
    Not sure if relating ID to discord is better or adding descriptors or advanced search input areas in the log etc but it just had popped up in my mind (Although it's also it's super arbitrary to look at on the in-game scoreboard with length differences in the numbers from single to 4 digit and eventually beyond that) That also means there's now a Steam ID, a Forum ID, Discord ID, and now an Olympus/Yuki ID, but they're all separate in usage even though they're all theoretically linked together or able to be linked 😅

  • This is semi unrelated to direct changes for everyone on their Player Card, but an area specifically for reporting issues with the migration from Yuki to Olympus in regard to the player card, either in discord or forums, I know quite a few people are missing achievements and their join dates are wrong and other random small stuff like that, but I'm not sure where would be most appropriate unless a per person basis is best way to do it
Revamp the Yuki ID system or the way searches handle searching for IDs(?)
This was actually done a couple days ago. Searching a player ID now takes priority over numbers contained in video titles or elsewhere, so an existing player's ID # will always bring up just their request history.