Airship Theme Theater


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I've had a love for airships of all kinds. And various airships have appeared in various anime and RPG's. So I've had this idea to request a cool little airship theater that is also a go-to way to get a bird's eye view of the city and YukiTheater. I also want to see what kind of airships others would like to see in the server (Note: I'm in no position to design or make cool stuff in YukiTheater).


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While this is a good idea, and I have thought about such a thing many times, it's not currently doable at the moment without a complete redo of how the outside optimization works in the map.

If I could break your map immersion for a second, this is the magic trick of optimization, and this is what you'd see.

Those yellow boxes are essentially see-through, and there's much, much more to it than throwing textures on them.