Solstice Game Studios is a small independent video game developer based out of Florida that creates games and game servers for the popular video game Garry's Mod, based on Valve's Source game engine. We are the creators of GMod Cruise Line and YukiTheater. For more information, please view our Press Kit.

Daniel Rentfro (WinterPhoenix) 🔗

Founder/Lead Developer
Founder and Lead Developer for all of our projects. Creator of YukiTheater, the studio's first project, before it was a studio.
Knows Lua, JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, PHP, C++, and a lot about Computer Networking.
Self-described Anime Fan, Music Enthusiast, and enjoyer of cute things.
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Brandon Little (Inco) 🔗

Level Designer / Programmer
Currently works on GMCL's maps, and various pieces of code.
Knows Lua, Web Languages, C, and UNIX Shell.
Firm advocate for suckless software and lifestyle.
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"Consistency3D" (Consistency3D) 🔗

3D Modeler
Creates 3D models for our projects.
Runs solely on oolong tea.
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Ricky Sears (MrMuffinz) 🔗

Level Designer
Primary mapper for YukiTheater since 2015; currently working on YukiTheater's v2 map.
The goblin currently scurrying through your local sewer system.
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Sophie Walsh (Sophie-bear) 🔗

3D Modeler
Creates 3D models for our projects and other miscellaneous things.
Contrary to popular belief, Sophie is not actually a bear.
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Daniel Fewster (Danno) 🔗

Wrote several features for YukiTheater and GMCL, including the Melon Dispenser and Fairy Pet.
Knows Lua, Java, Javascript, SQL, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, C, and AVR Assembly.
"I have a terrible addiction to saying lmao, lmao." - Dan
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Chloe Marcec (ogniK) 🔗

Wrote the Kazotsky Emote for YukiTheater and a handful of other things.
Knows Lua, C++, Ruby, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Sourcepawn, Perl, and Assembly (x86, x64, 8080s...).
Likes writing super fast code that no one else understands.
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"Demonkush" (Demonkush) 🔗

Level Designer
Created the "Backyard" Minigolf map and improved the Ship map for GMod Cruise Line.
Creator of several standalone maps and a developer of the Morbus gamemode for GMod.
Enjoys mapping, jazz, and still plays MapleStory for some reason...
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"Willow" (Willow) 🔗

Level Designer/3D Modeler
Created the Ship and most of the Minigolf maps for GMCL, as well as several models for our projects.
Unironically enjoys Second Life, a lurker of r/me_irl, and self-proclaimed s***poster extraordinaire.
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Kevin MariƱo (NivekNait) 🔗

3D Modeler
Created several of the furniture models in GMod Cruise Line.
Likes Anime and eating cookies (lots of them).
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Noemi Marcec (Sinful Mario) 🔗

3D Modeler
Created and improved 3D models for YukiTheater.
Puts mayo on everything. EVERYTHING.
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