Fixed Vending machine ambient noise isn't bound to "Ambience"

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Kuro Usagi

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Summary of Issue Encountered
Vending machines have ambient noise that is not muted when checking the box to mute "Ambience"

Expected Result
Vending machines are muted when one mutes Ambience

Actual Result
Loud "vvrrrrrrrrvrrrr" noise like a vending machine plays if you're near one regardless of Ambience being muted or not

Steps to Reproduce
Stand by a vending machine

Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue
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I've added some code to make it so it doesn't play other types of ambience like that if you have it disabled when you join the server. There's no way I can make it so it stops playing that type of ambience once it's started though, due to the nature of emitting sounds from entities like that.

The change will be live the next time I restart the server.
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