1. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Achievement Triggering Early

    Summary of Issue Encountered Fracture Achievement triggers despite being skipped Expected Result Wait til video ends naturally to receive an achievement for it (I thought?.. like skipping and seeking didn't work, or else kansai concert wouldn't be difficult) Actual Result If video is played...
  2. Akiko

    GMCL on Linux: Bugs, Nuances, and Important Information

    This thread exists to provide support to those on Linux distributions who may want to play GMod Cruise Line. As with most other GMod experiences, Linux is not generally the most pleasant way to play, but since I play on Ubuntu sometimes, I can provide some insight and advice to those who also...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Can still use snowball/katana while using new emotes

    Unsure if this is a known issue but i saw this was a possibly related card?.. https://trello.com/c/ErAJSb4v Summary of Issue Encountered Using emotes lets me continue to use katana and swing it and throw snowballs Expected Result Being static in emote Actual Result Can use above stated sweps...
  4. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Vending machine ambient noise isn't bound to "Ambience"

    Summary of Issue Encountered Vending machines have ambient noise that is not muted when checking the box to mute "Ambience" Expected Result Vending machines are muted when one mutes Ambience Actual Result Loud "vvrrrrrrrrvrrrr" noise like a vending machine plays if you're near one regardless...
  5. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Unable to see exclusive theater information from inside theater

    Summary of Issue Encountered Can not see theater name, theater owner, video name, or time remaining while standing in theater door Expected Result Actual Result Steps to Reproduce Stand in doorway of an exclusive theater Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue No...
  6. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Pool ball glitch

    Summary of Issue Encountered When you move all the beach balls to where players spawn in the pool they glitch into them and become stuck (credit to blackphoenix for finding glitch) Expected Result We don't get stuck in the beach balls Actual Result When bunched together we get stuck in the...
  7. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Compa using actions in wrong direction

    Summary of Issue Encountered Compa doesn't face forward when using /lay, /meditate, /sit Expected Result Compa faces forward (where camera faces) when using those commands Actual Result Compa turns 90 degrees to the right Steps to Reproduce Equip Compa and try to use one of the commands...
  8. Ditzy

    Can't Fix Livestream Doesn't Work

    Whenever I or Zerac try to play any livestreams from original.livestream.com, this happens. Basically, Livestream's been working until recently, so I'm not sure what's happened. Maybe it was caused by the GMod Update?