Can't Fix Livestream Doesn't Work

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Whenever I or Zerac try to play any livestreams from, this happens.


Basically, Livestream's been working until recently, so I'm not sure what's happened. Maybe it was caused by the GMod Update?
Almost certainly has nothing to do with the GMod Update and most certainly has to do with something changing in Livestream's API. I'll look into it later today and get back to you.
Just an update for everyone following progress on this bug. It seems as though Original Livestream's Video Player API has stopped working. Their own API Examples no longer work, and it seems as though their player simply fails to load anything you feed into it now. As a result, I've disabled support for that video service in YukiTheater.

It is worth noting however that we plan to add Support for DailyMotion and in our upcoming Summer Update, so at least we'll have something to replace it with. Keep an eye on the Trello for progress updates on everything YukiTheater, par usual.

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