1. Kuro Usagi

    Death Hack Report

    Player Name: Death Hack Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:34225623 YukiTheater ID: 116 Relevant information: #68760 #68759 #68758 Additional Information/Comments: (Civil Unrest and some related topics aren't exactly named in the rules but I believe they've mostly been not permitted historically)
  2. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Achievement Triggering Early

    Summary of Issue Encountered Fracture Achievement triggers despite being skipped Expected Result Wait til video ends naturally to receive an achievement for it (I thought?.. like skipping and seeking didn't work, or else kansai concert wouldn't be difficult) Actual Result If video is played...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    Druvenir Player Report

    Druvenir (STEAM_0:1:59305061) 01/14/20 21:40:15 - Adult Humor
  4. Kuro Usagi

    Trippehh Player Report

    Trippehh STEAM_0:0:59904935 8:45pm EST
  5. Kuro Usagi

    zero deaths Player Report

    zero deaths (STEAM_0:0:81414689) 01/13/20 17:35:42 - Adult Humor - Adult Humor - Adult Humor...
  6. Kuro Usagi

    Smokeyy Player Report

    Smokeyy (STEAM_0:0:120593353) 01/07/20 04:26:50 - Tease, Adult Humor - Tease, Adult Humor (same video)
  7. Kuro Usagi

    Lancewolf Player Report

    Lancewolf (STEAM_0:1:239971123) 01/05/20 05:34:02 - Tease
  8. Kuro Usagi

    Neon Nakamura Player Report

    Neon Nakamura (STEAM_0:1:126579323) 01/03/20 18:09:59 - Nudity [D] - Discrimination, Ear Rape - Ear Rape
  9. Kuro Usagi

    way she goes Player Report

    fuckin way she goes (STEAM_0:0:53628735) 01/03/20 17:54:00 - Nudity [D], Disgusting - Nudity [D], Disgusting -...
  10. Kuro Usagi

    kirch_T Player Report

    kirch_T (STEAM_0:1:457261575) 01/03/20 03:42:14 - Ecchi - Ecchi [D] / Adult Humor(?)
  11. Kuro Usagi

    Yayman Player Report

    Yayman (STEAM_0:1:527886585) 01/02/20 23:56:50 - Tease
  12. Kuro Usagi

    אלוהים יציל את יש Player Report

    אלוהים יציל את יש (STEAM_0:0:166019338) 01/02/20 02:31:01 - Tease - Nudity - Hentai
  13. Kuro Usagi

    Player Report Donkey

    Donkey (STEAM_0:1:93161582) 12/31/19 01:00:11
  14. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Vending machine ambient noise isn't bound to "Ambience"

    Summary of Issue Encountered Vending machines have ambient noise that is not muted when checking the box to mute "Ambience" Expected Result Vending machines are muted when one mutes Ambience Actual Result Loud "vvrrrrrrrrvrrrr" noise like a vending machine plays if you're near one regardless...
  15. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Unable to see exclusive theater information from inside theater

    Summary of Issue Encountered Can not see theater name, theater owner, video name, or time remaining while standing in theater door Expected Result Actual Result Steps to Reproduce Stand in doorway of an exclusive theater Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue No...
  16. Kuro Usagi

    Video/Player Report

    Player: That Guy Over There Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:114733097 Time of Incident: 02/11/16 04:32:11 and 02/11/16 04:58:09 Relevant Information: Additional Comments or...
  17. Tea

    Sticky Guest Report Format

    Other users may comment on the topic if they have relevant evidence/information to add. Please do not post multiple threads reporting the same user for the same issue. Template (Who you are reporting [Player name with Steam ID]) (Time of incident) (Relevant information [Screenshots, Video...