Playable Piano


The release of the Olympus update also meant the removal of the playable piano. It was originally planned to have a new replacement ready to take its place with Olympus, but the circumstances leading up to the release dictated otherwise.

My primary focus will be on this addon for the time being. If you have features, ideas, or thoughts you want to share, post them here. Keep in mind the new piano isn't exclusive to YukiTheater or Solstice Game Studios, it's something I want available for anyone to use in Garry's Mod, as an updated and just generally better replacement to the addon that has existed and been abandoned for many, many years now. The project is hosted primarily on GitHub and GitLab.

Here is a video I posted on the Facepunch forum back in December of 2020, showing the addon when it was still in its very early stages of development. It showcases the level of MIDI integration it supported at the time, which is a pretty big focus, among other things.

Just an update on the MIDI functionality for the new piano, I've been developing a new MIDI module that I'll be using with the new piano instead of FPtje's module that was used to integrate MIDI input support into the old piano addon. The new module is available on GitHub and GitLab.

While the new one is based on FPtje's, they're mostly incompatible since I'm adding more features and changing things up in general, so when the new piano is ready I'll be providing pre-compiled releases for the new module for people to use with the new piano, but just know that FPtje's module cannot be used with the new piano.