1. CompaNeon

    Sheet Music Disappears

    Opening up the piano sheet music produces "Clocks" by Coldplay, but attempting to switch to any other song makes the sheet music disappear, including the one for Clocks, if I go back. I can still use my keyboard, and hear the pages turning, but no sheet book is produced. Pressing space to turn...
  2. CompaNeon

    Can't Hear Piano (when others use it)

    Been a problem for a while; I can hear the piano playing when I use it, but if someone else is using it, I don't hear anything. I have no idea if I'm supposed to hear that though, so support would be great...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    HOW TO: Play Midi Files on the Piano

  4. Kuro Usagi

    How to Play Midis on the Piano

    I made this a while back, it's not the best but it's helped a couple people at the very least :D