Oh hey, it's that Kuro guy!

Kuro Usagi

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No not the cool one with the lowercase k, the one with the green name ;^)
Hi I'm Kuro and I've been mod on YukiTheater since 6/7/15, and got on Yuki for the first time in September 2014 but didn't become as addicted until around February 2015, Gustav Kuriga is actually the player who first told me about YukiTheater :D I'm usually on pretty late at night so if you see me say hi o/
I like a lot of anime and play quite a few games including Osu, CS:GO, and FFXIV (Behemoth Server), so if you like any of that stuff and want to play with me pm me I'm always happy to play multi or party up or anything like that.


Hello there!
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