1. yoel44

    A New Introduction Is Here: yoel44's intro edition

    hello, i'm going to introduce myself! my IRL name is yoel and i have 19 years old, my birthdate is 26/7 (format: DD/MM) i'm from spain (so... probabbly my english isn't too acurrate) and i like anime, some absurd humor... i am in this comunity because i like anime and i like how the cinema...
  2. Kuro Usagi

    Oh hey, it's that Kuro guy!

    No not the cool one with the lowercase k, the one with the green name ;^) Hi I'm Kuro and I've been mod on YukiTheater since 6/7/15, and got on Yuki for the first time in September 2014 but didn't become as addicted until around February 2015, Gustav Kuriga is actually the player who first told...
  3. Bolt

    Who is this? <_<

    This guy is called Bolt! He's British you know! Yes, I don't go on Yuki's Theatre much anymore but I do want to support you guys in your future projects! As well as keeping in contact with you guys over discord / other games whenever I can! Not much to say after that! Always happy to chat and...