Achievement Suggestion Thread


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Achievement Name: It's Like Chaos In Your Headphones.

Achievement Credits Worth: 500

Achievement Description: Watch "World Revolving" around YOU! On Youtube.

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Astral Cotter

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Achievement Name: I don't get paid enough for this!
Achievement Worth: 100
Achievement Description: Resident Black Mesa Repairman (or scientist) does his best


Kawaii Believe It

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Achievement Name: Fight the Urge!

Achievement Credits Worth: 250

Achievement Description: Play Skip Me by Zip Zipper without the video getting skipped.

P. P. Bizon

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This might be challenging at perception but I can try.
Achievement Name: and I just won!
Achievement Credits Worth: 300
Achievement Description: Whenever Sonic the Hedgehog Watch and Win Sweepstakes is playing, type Chris.


3D Modeler
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Achievement Name: A True Gacha Champion

Achievement Credits Worth: 5,000

Achievement Description: Win a total of 50,000 Credits in the Lottery (/lottery)!
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Achievement Name: The Miku Theater experience

Achievement Credits Worth: 5000

Achievement Description: Have 10 or more people wear the Miku model in the same private theater