Sticky Achievement Suggestion Thread

Achievement Name: Late to the Party
Achievement Credits Worth: 200
Achievement Description: Show up 30 seconds late to a video over an hour in length
Achievement Name: Yuki Community Goer
Achievement Credits Worth: 350-500
Achievement Description: Spend up to 5 hours in Yuki Lobby without AFK Time
Achievement Name: The Legend Never Dies/What Are You, Casul?/Its Time to F**king Pwn Some N00bz

Achievement Credits Worth: 500

Achievement Description: Power up the bass cannon and fire/Watch HE'S BACK while wearing the Giant Dad model/Watch HE'S BACK
Achievement Name: Mikurude Hatsunestorm

Achievement Credits Worth: 500

Achievement Description: Watch someone play a dank meme song on Project Diva F 2nd

Achievement Name: Charlie Sheen's worst movie

Achievement Credits Worth: Between 500 or 1000

Achievement Description: I dare you to watch this entire movie and not receive a brain aneurysm.
Achievement Name: Kyon-Kun Denwa!
Achievement Credits Worth: 800 or 8000?
Achievement Description: Play on YukiTheater for more than 8 Days (192 Hours)

Endless Eight........ literally.
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Achievement Name: JonTron's Firework
Achievement Credits: 250
Achievement Description: JonTron's glorious singing combined with various animation styles!

Achievement name: Daffuq...?
Achievement credits: 100
Achievement description: Walk to the store

(PLEASE for the love of god accept this one below, I played this single video over 70 times on the server and it needs to be an achievement video)

Achievement name: Go f*ck yourself, Cufftard!
Achievement credits: 250
Achievement description: Tell Cuffy to go f*ck himself
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