1. Crusader

    Idea for new MS model for playermodel

    GM3 ZAKU 2 RX0 Unicorn Ï am big fan of gundam univese i think the server need more Gundam Model...
  2. Spooky Have

    [Suggestion] PAC 3 - Player Avatar Customizer

    This addon allows the creation and customization of playermodels through an editor, and with enough pratice can pump out some pretty legit stuff. The only downside to it is that it will destroy the credit system, and restrictions will have to be placed on certain aspects suchs as shake and...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    Fixed Invisible Old Joseph Joestar

    Summary of Issue Encountered Playermodel is invisible Expected Result Playermodel is visible Actual Result Playermodel is invisible Steps to Reproduce Equip Old Joseph Joestar Screenshots/Error(s) in Console (if applicable) of the Issue
  4. Kuro Usagi

    Eventual replacement of cetain models for traditional/better models

    ***This thread is somewhat of a work in progress, it might not be realistic for some of these models to be replaced simply because there may not be easy ways to port the MMD model (or something idk) so please keep in mind that I can update/fix/change this to better fit the server and the...
  5. Microtor

    (Suggestion) My Ragdoll to Player-Model Requests

    Seeing as how the old forum is already an outdated method for suggestions , im going to re-post my requests for Player Models --------------------------------------------------------- Makise Kurisu PM Repost LINK TO FILE: I just found a Makise...