Reduced Yuuta Unban Appeal

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Steam Username : Yuuta Togashi 富樫 勇太

Length of Ban: 1 week

Staff Member that Banned You:Salty Bird

Ban Reason: Gore and Ear Rape

Why You Should Be Unbanned: I Got banned because of previous warnings and since them warnings i have stopped untill today i got banned by salty because of the previous warnings , i was really shocked about this because i was watching a cool youtube video with friends so if you guys can please unban me {i dont mind if i get unbanned or not im just making a appeal}

If your Appeal is denied, you can try again in several weeks. If your ban is Permanent, please wait at least 3 Months before posting an Appeal.

If you are not staff, under no circumstances are you permitted to comment on another users ban appeal.
Thank you for taking the time to make an appeal.

After discussing the situation with you via steam I believe you understand what you did wrong and how to avoid future warnings. I implore you to please read /rules or ask staff in the future about any videos you are unsure of that may be against the theater rules. I will be reducing your ban from 1 week to 3 days.

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