YukiTheater | The Apartment Save Slots and Paintables Update!


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¡Hola señoras y señores! We've just released an update for YukiTheater! Or rather, we've been releasing it, but we're now at the point we can announce it.

In this update, Apartments now have Save Slots, Paintables are fixed/working better than ever, Network stability has been drastically improved, and LOTS of QoL improvements/bug fixes!

💾 Apartment Save Slots allow you to save/load different layouts for your Apartment, so you can try something new without destroying your existing work!
  • This has been a HOTLY requested feature, and we hope you enjoy it!
  • Now that Save Slots are here, we're just about ready to host the First Apartment Contest. Keep an eye out for an announcement about it next week!

🎨 Paintables are now working as intended, and better than ever! Thanks to the new VTF API, we're able to transform images from the internet into textures we can use in-game with near-perfect quality!
  • As a bonus, we can cache these textures for future use, so you no longer have to redownload Paintables you've seen before, every time you rejoin!

🛠️ Network stability has been dramatically improved, along with a slew of bug fixes for other things!
  • If you've joined anytime in the last couple months and thought "holy fuck this is outrageously buggy," we've probably fixed whatever you were having issues with
  • In fact, most of the issues stemmed from you guys breaking limits over and over with Apartments, breaking the Source Engine, and forcing us to rewrite how we do networking!

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As always, you can discuss this update in our Discord's #yukitheater channel!

We hope you enjoy all the new changes! Love You All! ❤️