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These are the Server Rules for YukiTheater. Not following these Rules will most likely result in a ban, so Please Read Them.
These Rules are Server-Wide. That means that it still applies to you even if you Rented a Private Theater.

If you see a player breaking the rules, please report it by using /msgadmins <message> in chat to message the Admins currently in the server. If there are none online, create a report in the Player Reports forum on YukiTheater's board.

General Rules
  1. No Trolling/Griefing/Annoying/Harassing other players.
    Don't do anything to upset other people intentionally and don't continue to interact with somebody if they've told you to leave them alone. We're all here to enjoy the server, so please be courteous.

  2. No Discrimination of any kind.
    Be respectful to others of different backgrounds or views, nobody joins a server looking to be criticized.

  3. No running of Scripts, Malicious Binds, Hacks, or Cheats.
    This has the potential to endanger the code itself and its designed functionality, leading to unpredictable results. Doing this will get you a Permanent Ban on sight.

  4. Do Not Spoil or Pretend to Spoil things (Anime/Movies/Books/Secret Theaters/How To Get Achievements/etc) for others.
    Nobody likes being told how a story ends before they finish it. You will be banned for doing it, or even pretending to do it.

  5. Do Not impersonate Admins/other Players.
    Pretending to be somebody else could potentially give you the power to abuse other players.

  6. No Anti-AFKing/Exploiting of the Credits System.
    Any form of Exploiting the Credits System, such as attempting to defeat the AFK system, is bannable.

  7. Do Not Attack/Raid other communities.
    Attacking, raiding, or otherwise disrupting other communities using anything relating to Solstice Game Studios will get you Permanently Banned. We will not tolerate it, as it reflects extremely poorly on our community.

  8. No exchanging of YukiTheater Credits for items outside of the server.
    Trading YukiTheater Credits for Games/Money/Services/CS:GO Guns/TF2 Hats/Anything Else will result in a permanent ban. The potential for scam is huge, and we don't want to be held responsible.

  9. Use Common Sense.
    Anything not listed above or not in the Video Rules falls under this rule. Please take a moment to think before you do something that might result in your removal from the server or community.
Video Rules
As a general rule of thumb, we allow content in Public Theaters up to/including an MPAA PG-13 Rating.
  1. Anime-Themed does not mean Anime-Only.
    You are allowed to queue any video you'd like as long as they follow the rules below.

  2. Sexually Suggestive Content.
    Strip-teasing, Ecchi/Hentai, Porn, Nudity, or otherwise sexually suggestive content is not allowed. This includes Breast Exams or things of the like. Fanservice in Anime such as panty/cleavage shots, bathing suits, non-sexual shower scenes, and similar content is allowed, however content such as scantily-clad outfits, censored/uncensored sexual body parts, or similar/more sexually intense content is not. As a general rule of thumb, Anime such as Baka To Test is allowed, however something at or worse than No Game No Life or High School of the Dead (HOTD) is not, as that is Ecchi. Video Game Footage follows the same rules as animated videos.

  3. Shocking/Disturbing Content.
    Anything like Meatspin, 2girls1cup, Animal Slaughter, Decapitation, Real Life Gore, Surgery, etc is strictly prohibited. Gore is only allowed in Anime or Animated Form to a certain extent. It may depict censored bullet/stab wounds, realistic amounts of blood, bloody (but not enough to be gore) transformations, pools of blood, vomiting blood or similar content, however content such as decapitation, exploding bodies, uncensored bodily entrails, or similar/more intense content is not. In general, Anime such as Another, Elfen Lied, Corpse Party, or the like are not allowed. Video Game Footage follows the same rules as animated videos, depending on realism.

  4. Trolling, Excessively Loud, or Annoying Content.
    Earrape (Sudden increases in Volume, etc), Eyerape (Strobe lighting, etc), Loops, etc are not allowed. These videos are generally considered as annoying, so we don't allow them.
Private Theater Video Rules
As a general rule of thumb, we allow content in Private Theaters up to/including an MPAA R Rating.
The exceptions below apply ONLY to Private Theaters! They are bannable in Public Theaters!
  1. Sexually Suggestive Content.
    Ecchi is allowed, Porn and Hentai are not. For example, Ecchi Anime such as Highschool DxD, High School of the Dead (HOTD), To Love-Ru, Date A Live, etc are allowed, however Hentai such as Bible Black, Boku no Pico, Kiss x Sis, etc are not. If the primary content of the video, animated or not, is sexual intercourse/nudity, it is still bannable. Breast Exams or similar content are not allowed. Video Game Footage follows the same rules as animated videos.

  2. Shocking/Disturbing Content
    The regular Video Rules still apply for Real Life content. Most Anime containing shocking/disturbing content are allowed in Private Theaters, however those containing content such as extremely detailed bodily entrails or similar/worse disturbing/graphical content are not. Anime such as Another, Elfen Lied, Attack on Titan, Corpse Party, Hellsing, Mirai Nikki, or the like is allowed. Video Game Footage follows the same rules as animated videos, depending on realism.

  3. Trolling, Excessively Loud, or Annoying Content.
    This type of content is allowed in Private Theaters.
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