YukiTheater | Olympus Economy/Systems Test Reset Tonight!


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That's right, the day has finally come. We're going to be resetting player accounts on Olympus to clean up our mess, and to provide a stable basis going forward for the Economy and Player Accounts.

This'll be the official beginning of Olympus! We won't be resetting again!

What's resetting
  • Credits
  • All Inventory
  • (Most) Achievements

What's not resetting
  • Any Statistics: Playtime, Media Watch Time, etc
  • EXPIRED Achievements you've already Completed
  • Your Rank
  • Your Player Card ID

What about all my Credits???

Don't worry, you'll automatically re-unlock Playtime, Media Time, etc achievements to get a bunch of them back.

When we started the Economy/Systems Test, we had a method to directly reward you Credits based on your total Playtime, but we didn't take into account all of the achievements. Players with 2,000+ hours ended up starting with 1 Million+ Credits, which is enough to buy everything in YukiTheater at least once.

That's not fun, so we're just gonna lean on the achievements' Credit payouts to fill that gap this time around.

You'll also be able to re-achieve any that are reset (except EXPIRED, which we're just giving you the Credits for).

What about my Items?
You'll have to re-buy and re-customize them, unfortunately. There's not a way we can avoid it.

I have a different question
Ask us in #yukitheater in the Discord!

Love You All! ❤️
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