YukiTheater | New Year's Event Tonight (+Full Holiday Update Changelog)!


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As we do every year, tonight at Midnight in Every US Time Zone will be our New Year's Event!

A reminder that being present will get you a one-time-ever achievement for this year, worth 20,000 Credits!

Get on the server early! This is our most popular night of the year! If you wanna see the New Year's Event, make sure you get on early to have a player slot!

Also as Akiko said this morning, our Holiday Update is out!

In this update, we've added Slot Machines, Leaderboards, Buyable Fireworks, 15 New Hats, 9 New Achievements, 3 New Taunts, and more!

Check out the Full Changelog here:

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Happy New Year's Eve! Love You All! 💖