YukiTheater | New Year's Event Tonight and Map v3 Beta: Apartments are Here!


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Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again! Our famous New Year's Event will be happening tonight at Midnight in Every US Time Zone!

Being on when the clock strikes 12 in any US Time Zone will also earn you a once-ever achievement worth 20,000 Credits!

⚠️ Remember to get on the server early! We've had maxed out player count every year we've done this event, so if you wanna be there for it, make sure you get on and stay on!

Along with that, we'd like to announce that Map v3 Beta is out, and along with it, a new outside area, and Apartments!

You can decorate your Apartment with the 170+ New Items also coming as part of this update! This includes building props, TVs, paintables, and more!

Join Now:

Happy New Year! Love You All! 💖


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