YukiTheater | New Year's Event 2020, 2x Credits Boost, and our Seventh Anniversary!


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Happy New Year everyone!
As is tradition, YukiTheater will be hosting a very special once-a-year Event that will happen as we welcome Each US Time Zone into 2020! Once-Ever Achievements, Fireworks, and more tonight on YukiTheater!

The First Event will happen at Midnight Eastern Time! As this Event is extremely popular every year, be sure to show up early so you definitely have a Player Slot! We tend to fill up quick!

Can't make it for an earlier Time Zone's Event? Don't worry! We'll be having an Event for each of the following Time Zones:
Eastern Standard Time @ Midnight
Central Standard Time @ Midnight
Mountain Standard Time @ Midnight
Pacific Standard Time @ Midnight
Alaska Standard Time @ Midnight
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time @ Midnight

Oh and did we mention... We're having a 2x Credits Boost until January 7th to celebrate YukiTheater's Seventh Anniversary on January 6th, 2020!

Join Here:

See You All There! 💖 🎆 🎉
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