YukiTheater | Holiday 2020 Update Released!


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Founder/Lead Developer
Hello my snowed-in friends! We've pushed out the Final Update for YukiTheater in 2020, and the festivities have begun!

Presents for you to open, once-ever Achievements for you to get, and more are waiting for you alongside our v2 RC5 Map Update!

View the Full Changelog:

🎇 As always, YukiTheater's New Year's Event is happening at the top of the hour for Every US Time Zone on New Year's Eve, so be sure to join us for our most popular night of the year!

Thanks for joining us this year. We know it's been rough, but we hope what we have here helped, even if just a little bit.

Love you all! See you at New Year's Eve and into 2021! 💝