YukiTheater Feature Ideas


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Ok so heres a few idea's i had in my mind for awhile and i think it would be pretty good for the server in general.

So the first one i think would be cool is for when you buy vip give vip+ a yellow glowstick so anything above vip can have one aswell. This gives players who haven't donated a chance to mess around with the glowsticks and see if they want to donate to get 2 more glowsticks etc etc.

Second me and sophie talked about is saving names of private rooms like for example when u rent a private ur last name u changed for your private will auto apply people including myself hate changeing theater names 24/7 so this feature will be very helpful.
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Wanted to add one more thing me and pants talked about recently i know you can avoid this by going in a theater and using hide players but they are just very transparent. A Amazing idea we had was to have it where you can block players meaning you can't hear or see them at all. This will also prevent people from harassing you with game mechanics in a theater and outside.


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@Pudding Addict The reason we don't allow that is because of players being able to run around and post un ending videos and the only way u can skip it is by vote skipping it or a admin force skipping it.


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I've noticed for awhile that having several hundreds of videos in your request history causes frame drops while the request menu is open.
Yes, so, I'm not sure there's a good way we could do that unless we created our own panel list handler that was sort of like RecyclerView on Android. Essentially with RecyclerView, there's a finite number of panels actually in the list, they just do some clever handling of them to make it seem like there are more, while updating the ones that are really there and shown, in-place.

So maybe we could do something like that, but I don't really even know how we would start with a Panel like that.

a yellow glowstick so anything above vip can have one aswell.
We can do that.

saving names of private rooms
I have an idea for how we could do that.

how about livestreams to be played in public theatres?
We don't allow it because it's difficult to Moderate, like others have said.

Streams are supposed to be logged, that's a bug.

A command menu to do acts and other chat commands.
Like GMCL's C Menu?

More player model options (like the camo and face pants with snake player model)
You're talking about Bodygroup/Skin customization. We have an idea for bringing that functionality to Yuki in the future, but we'll see how it pans out. Essentially it would require a drastic overhaul of the Inventory system in either case, due to how Yuki's current system works.


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Donator perk for custom sprays. jpg,png,gif kinda like spraymesh i guess with whatever restrictions you need to make it safe for yuki and staff to monitor. I know you have those donator only blank stickers from gmcl so it probably wouldn't be hard to transfer over. OH and an option to disable them entirely.


Giving popcorn bucket a viewmodel would better inform the player when they have it out.
Setting the default swep to be holster, instead of the popcorn bucket.

Adding a theater to the karaoke that allows voice chat within it for singing along to songs with lyrics.
I.e, a small screen from the singer's pov and perhaps a duplicate screen behind them for the crowd.
At the moment to do karaoke like that you would have to rent a theater and allow voice chat.


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I have a small suggestion, have the delete button on past queued videos farther away from the other buttons. or a popup thingy that asks "are you sure you want to delete this"


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it would be nice if there was a timer for the total queue time, example you have 10, 5 minute videos. so it shows 50 minutes. mainly so you can know how long until your video is played