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If you're having trouble connecting to YukiTheater, it could be caused by a DDoS Attack against it, your Internet Connection, or ghosts in the machine! Assuming it isn't ghosts, then you'll likely be able to fix the issue by trying one of these solutions. They should be tried in-order!

Solution 1
Try using the Connect Page to connect to the server. It should pop up a window asking you to Launch Application, which you should agree to. It should open GMod and then connect you to the server automatically from there.

Solution 2
Open the Console in GMod (Check the box "Enable Developer Console" in Options>Keyboard>Advanced, Hit OK, and then hold ~ while in GMod's Menu) and enter:

Solution 3
Something networking-related is likely going on, or the GMod Server is just plain offline. Please post in this thread if it looks like the GMod Server is up, but you still can't connect even after trying the above solutions!
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