YukiTheater | Apr 25, 2022 Update Released!


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Hello fellow kazotsky-enjoyers! Just letting you know that we've just finished putting together a list of things we've added or changed in Yuki in the last 5 months!

In this update, Kazotsky Kicking and Headbang make a triumphant return, along with 3 New Pets, 5 New Hats, 4 New Elixirs, Paramount+ support, the Assert emote, and more!

View the Full Changelog:

We're finally caught up again!
We should be back to our regularly-scheduled changelogs now, which will hopefully more frequently reflect the changes we push to the server.

If you don't want to wait for the changelog to be notified of changes, consider joining the @Events group in the Discord! We usually post progress on things ahead of time in the #yukitheater channel.

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Love you; hope you have a good day! đź’–
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