YukiTheater | 11th Anniversary: Introducing Supporter and Power Supporter Ranks!


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🌟 Feat. The Map v3/Apartments Update Changelog!

What's happenin' gang?
First off, we're super happy to announce that we once again MAXED OUT the server on New Year's Eve! 🎉 That makes (by our estimate) 9 years in a row!

And that's not all, our Map v3 Beta/Apartments Update has been a bona fide hit, with players already creating some AMAZING things using the limited tools we have right now!

In fact, we're so impressed with what you guys have been building, we're going to start doing Themed Apartment Contests soon! Please keep an eye out for an announcement about the first one.

Full Map v3/Apartments Changelog:

Supporter and Power Supporter Ranks
The Supporter and Power Supporter ranks are available now!

If the Donator rank perks aren't enough for you, or you'd like to help support us monthly and get even more perks/features in return, you can learn all about the new ranks on the new Donation Page:

What's next?
In the immediate term, we're going to be focusing on bug fixes and refinement for, well, everything. There are a bunch of bugs and broken functionality with Apartments specifically we wanna focus on, like Paintables not working and networking being really wonky sometimes.

After that, we're gonna start up Apartments Contests, then we sort of have an internal debate about what to do beyond that, between bringing GMCL's Minigolf to YukiTheater, or continuing our work with Map v3.

To be clear, Map v3 is very much still in beta! We're planning on redoing the ENTIRE inside of the theater building and bringing back a similar layout to Map v1 with two floors! It won't be exactly the same though, as we're also planning to add new features/areas to the main building, but I think we're too far away to be talking about those just yet.

And lastly...
The last week or so has been an AMAZING time for YukiTheater, and that's all thanks to you guys! Both new and old faces alike, you showed up for the New Year's Eve Event, your reception to the Map v3/Apartments update has been phenomenal, you've been donating to help us with costs after a long time where we were paying for all of this out of pocket and dedicating our time for free, and most of all you've been playing and showing us that there's still people that like our silly little game.

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting us! You're the reason we keep going. 💖

Happy Anniversary. Love You All ❤️