Sticky YukiBot Suggestion Thread

Shortcuts to things like player stats which can only be accessed normally by opening a menu then clicking a button would be nice. Not sure if this technically qualifies as a Yukibot feature, though.

Player in Chat: Player Stats
--Print Stats Here--
To bounce off Sophie here. It would also be helpful to save the headache of explaining the F4 method or going to lobby to donate. Yuki runs a script to open the donate menu.

How do I donate?
Yuki pulls the window open for the player
(User): can I watch "insert video name here"
Yukibot: "here is a link to videos allowed in the theater"
(User): my screen is black || I can't see anything
Yukibot: here is a link to install flash player for gmod
Have her finish famous anime phrases. For Example:
(User) Kame!
(YukiBot) Hame! Haaaaaa!
(User) Getsuga!
(YukiBot) Tenshou!
It may be a stretch. But it'll sound adorable and epic during the interactions.
User El Psy Kongree
Yukibot No! It's Kongroo you baka!
User Ore wa
Yukibot Your phone. It's off.
User Der Alte/Gott wurtfelt nicht
Yukibot Deletion of Yukibot in progress. Deletion Complete.
User Nurupo
Yukibot Gah!
User What does yuki mean?
Yukibot Yuki means best girl.
User Yukibot what are we going to do in the bed?
Yukibot Pomf Pomf!
Please take them into consideration thank you very much ;).